Welcome Perspective Students!

You have taken just taken your first step into the larger world of becoming a professional adventurer.  With our staff of dedicated teachers and trainers, you can become the great adventurer that you were always meant to be.  For decades the tales of The Famous Adventurer and how he and his intrepid band finally returned magic to the world have spread far and wide, inspiring countless followers to take of the mantle of Adventurer.  While former members of that famous troupe have started their own Adventurer Colleges, most of these schools are costly and open to the most privileged of students.  At the Famous Adventurer's Community College we accept student from all races and creeds. 

Here at Famous Adventurers Community College we have programs for every interest and discipline.  Interested in performance? Our Barding program is the shining jewel of our college, attracting artists and instrumentalists far and wide.  Interested in studying the arcane arts?  Our extensive library of arcane texts has tomes that predate the end of the Third Age.   Religious study more your thing? Our campus is located on the grounds of a former temple to the Ioun, the Goddess of Knowledge and our Cleric Teachers will get you started on your path to spiritual enlightenment! 

Famous Adventurers Community College