Karima Al Ithendiel


Karima is a stern, matronly figure, who seems to have very little time for nonsense, but a soft heart for hopeless causes. She bears the scars of many battles and seems to have the air of a former adventurer about her. She can often be seen wandering the grounds dressed informally and peering in on classes from time to time. She enjoys watching training sessions and giving advice on the finer points of battle and combat. She is rarely seen in her full platemail, although it’s rumored that it is a awesome sight.

Karima rarely confronts students directly, preferring to funnel advice through teachers and lecturers. The rare times that she does interact with a student directly is normally to met out discipline or proctor the various examinations and trials that each class must undertake.

She is well known and respected among the local nobility and she often attends events around the town as a formal representative of the college. She keeps her quarters in the Teachers Quad, although her exact residence within the quad is not generally known.


Official School Biography

Karima Al Ithendiel is an older half-elvin cleric and the acting dean of studies for the Famous Adventure’s Community College. A former adventurer and a cleric of Ioun, she overseas the daily operations of the college.

Born in the elven city of Seanriel

She has written several treaties on religion

Karima Al Ithendiel

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