Karima Al Ithendiel


Karima is a stern, matronly figure, with very little time for nonsense and a soft heart for hopeless causes. She bears the scars of many battles and has the air of a former adventurer. She can often be seen wandering the grounds, dressed informally and peering in on classes from time to time. She enjoys watching training sessions and giving advice on the finer points of battle and combat. She is rarely seen in her full platemail, although it’s rumored to be an awesome sight.

Karima rarely confronts students directly, preferring to funnel advice through teachers and lecturers. When she does interact with a student directly, it is normally to mete out discipline or proctor various examinations and trials. She is well-known and respected among the local nobility, and often attends events around the town as a formal representative of the college. She keeps quarters in the Teachers’ Quad, although her exact residence within is not generally known.


Karima Al Ithendiel is an older half-elvin cleric and the acting Dean of Studies for The Famous Adventurer’s Community College. A former adventurer and a cleric of Ioun, she oversees the daily operations of the college.

Born in the elven city of Seanriel to a fairly well-to-do family, the young Karima was attracted to stories of the Time of Legends and past ages. She spent many a night reading books in Iounic Library before deciding to become a cleric herself. She met the Famous Adventurer while delving into an ancient temple, looking for a particularly obscure tome about the political climate at the end of the Third Age. Ever since, she has served the Famous Adventurer as his principal researcher and adviser. In addition to being a well-regarded authority on the history of Terandra, she has written several treatises on religion and the fate of Ioun after the Dawning of the Forth Age.

Karima Al Ithendiel

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